Report: Seattle-area teen claims he was fired for wearing Broncos jersey at work

Posted at 8:23 PM, Jan 22, 2014

SEATTLE – A Seattle-area teen reportedly says he was sent home from work and later lost his job when he wore a Broncos jersey instead of a Seahawks jersey at work.

FOX News reports that 17-year-old Nathaniel Wentz, who worked at a family fun center called Odyssey 1, was allegedly told by his employer that workers could wear football jerseys to support their team during the NFL playoffs on Sunday.

Wentz wore a Denver Broncos jersey, and FOX News reports that Wentz said his boss told him that only Seahawks jerseys were allowed and that he would have to return home to change.

Wentz’ father, Daniel, reportedly called Odyssey 1 to speak with the owner about the situation, but Wentz said the owner never called back and so his son stayed home. Wentz said he was later told he was being fired for not returning to work that day, FOX News reports.

In a Facebook post, Odyssey 1 said employees only had the option of wearing a Seahawks jersey or a standard uniform and not any jersey of their choice.

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