‘Raid Cross’ humanitarian game held at Camp Willams

Posted at 3:29 PM, Jan 23, 2014

CAMP WILLIAMS, Utah -- A role-playing simulation activity designed to teach youth about International Humanitarian Law was held Monday at Camp Williams.

The hands-on learning activity is a game called "Raid Cross" and it was designed by the French And Belgian Red Cross.

"We want to help kids understand that, in the midst of war, that there is still humanity. And so this is a way for us to teach them the Geneva Conventions and the principles of International Humanitarian Law that the International Committee of the Red Cross administers," said Scott Swenson, Services to the Armed Forces and International Services Manager for the American Red Cross.

During the event, participants are sent to the fictional country of Haddar that has been attacked by the neighboring country of Deldar, resulting in a lengthy armed conflict.

Raid Cross participants take on the roles of civilians, soldiers, prisoners and humanitarian workers to meet the various challenges that arise.

Monday's event at Camp Williams was organized by members of the American Red Cross.