Aspiring Utah filmmakers score viral hit with twerking stormtroopers

Posted at 5:58 AM, Jan 24, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-24 08:02:00-05

PROVO, Utah -- Science fiction meets pop culture in a new YouTube video that has gone viral, and the masterminds behind it are two aspiring filmmakers in Utah County.

Brenden Bytheway and Scott Winn are two Provo guys making a name for themselves through YouTube.

Their new video already has millions of hits, click here to watch.

"The video is pretty much summed up in two words which is, stormtrooper twerk," Scott Winn said.

The video shows a group of Star Wars stor troopers twerking in a Salt Lake City alley way.

"The series itself is stormtroopers secrets, so the jest is this is pretty much what stormtroopers do when they can sneak away from work," Winn said.

Scott and Brenden are local musicians and filmmakers. Their latest project hit two million views in just three days. The duo said they've mastered the method to their YouTube success.

"We want to make this really cool dance video, but how do we work in elements are searchable and shareable--obviously twerking is highly controversial," Winn said.

Brenden and Scott, only in their mid-20s, don't have day jobs. They make a living doing this, and their hope is other people are inspired by their art.

"I guess in a way it could technically be a story about us as artists trying to get away from the typical 9-5, it's like we are shaking our fist at that, we don't work in that, so the story behind the stormtroopers is just like sticking it to the man and following your dreams and your passion," Winn said.

This isn't their first YouTube hit. They have a video with 24 million views. Their YouTube success is not only lucrative but has opened the door to big opportunities. Their next project is a national TV commercial.