10-year-old South Carolina girl pulls grandfather from pond after stroke, drives him 3 miles

Posted at 7:27 PM, Jan 25, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-26 01:50:48-05

Reporting, story by Taylor Kearns. Video courtesy WIS 10 via CNN.

LEXINGTON COUNTY, S.C. – A 72-year-old man suffered a stroke and fell into a pond, but his 10-year-old granddaughter pulled him from the pond, helped him walk one-fourth of a mile to reach his car and then drove him 3 miles to their home.

WIS 10 reports10-year-old Cara Jumper leaped into a pond after her grandfather suffered a stroke and fell in the water, and she held his head above the surface until she was able to get him out of the pond.

She helped her grandfather navigate the quarter of a mile back to their car.

"He's leaning on me, and I'm basically carrying him. I think it was the hardest thing that I've ever done," she told WIS 10.

The man’s cell phone was at the bottom of the pond, so Cara drove on back roads for 3 miles to return Coy Jumper to his wife.

Jumper spent 6 days in the hospital and doctors found a small aneurysm.

Smiling, he said he would have died without Cara’s help, as he was "too fat" to have gotten out by himself.

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