Community provides visual alarm for couple who is hearing impaired

Posted at 8:08 PM, Jan 26, 2014

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah – A community came together to help provide specialized smoke alarms to a couple who is hearing impaired.

Greg and Zelicia Andrews moved to Clearfield recently, and when a family friend called the local fire department to inquire about smoke detectors for those who are deaf the fire department helped out.

John Taylor is the deputy fire chief and fire marshal of the North Davis Fire District, and he said this was a new experience for them.

“…we’d never heard of them for a residential application, so we searched the Internet, and then once we contacted a contractor, they knew of residential ones that that they could put in that would work for their needs.”

Mark Becraft is the fire chief of the North Davis Fire District, and he described the detectors.

“These type of systems have strobe lights activation, which alarms someone whose hearing impaired,” he said.

Fire officials took the search to the Wasatch Home Builders Association, which spread the story to various contractors in the area. Adam Smart, who owns Mister Electric, came forward to donate and install the alarm system in the family’s home to make it ADA compliant.