Utah couple facing fertility frustrations suddenly doubles size of family

Posted at 10:00 PM, Jan 26, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-27 00:00:16-05

SANTAQUIN, Utah – A Utah family who believed they wouldn’t be able to have children of their own found their life taking an unexpected turn when they became pregnant and then adopted a family friend’s child, all within just a few months.

The couple said it wasn’t a road they expected to travel.

“We went from having no kids to two kids within about a two month period, which is kind of a life changer, turned our life upside down," Andrew Elston said.

Andrew and Sarah Elton began looking into adoption after they struggled with fertility issues. That’s when Sarah found out she was expecting, and soon after their family grew by one more—thanks to adoption.

“We were approached by a family friend who asked us if we wanted to adopt her baby, and I was eight months pregnant at the time, so it wasn't something we were planning on, but we said yes,” Sarah Elton said. "The next day we actually went and got him."

The two boys, Mason and Riley, were born only five months apart, which makes them perfect playmates.

“They love each other,” Sarah Elton said. “They're best friends. They play for hours,  hours and hours every day.”

The Eltons said they know they are lucky to have been able to adopt a child so quickly, and they said if they are given the opportunity to adopt again they won’t hesitate to do so.