Jordan School Board votes on boundary realignment

Posted at 10:23 PM, Jan 28, 2014

WEST JORDAN -- The Jordan School District voted Tuesday night to realign the boundaries of more than a dozen elementary schools.

Some feel like the district's attempt to change school boundaries is a knee-jerk reaction to voters turning down a nearly half-a-billion-dollar school district bond back in November.

"This decision to change the boundaries of these little neighborhoods with their little friends, a couple streets away it's not worth it. Think of the little children and their friends. Please do not, do not vote to change the boundaries," said one woman during the public comment period.

"It really is not a boundary change that results from the bond not passing. A boundary change was going to be necessary regardless," said Anthony Godfrey, Administrator of Schools.

The board's decision to redraw school lines will change which elementary school kids go to.
"I am furious. I feel like none of our voices were heard and that's all we asked from the board members was to at least consider our options," said Jamie Larsen, a West Jordan resident.

After six weeks of debate, school board members voted to go with what's called option 3.
Some parents say school will now be twice as far and kids will have to walk along dangerous intersections, for example: under the changes, some students living in Herriman will be bused to schools in South Jordan and some schools will be year round.

Despite the disappointment, some parents are happy with the vote.
"I am so ecstatic. We are so pleased, we are so happy. We've worked so hard to try and held the board members understand how this change is going to affect our neighborhood and our schools and we are so pleased that they listened to us," said Rachel Gray, a Sunstone neighborhood resident.

"There is still impact on all of the schools that were involved, it’s just to a lesser degree," Godfrey said.

The board says their decision was mirrored after an online survey, which received feedback from nearly 2,500 residents.