Report: Texas man inspired by Utah story pays off student’s negative lunch account balances

Posted at 3:57 PM, Feb 06, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-06 17:57:51-05

HOUSTON – A Houston man who reportedly paid off delinquent lunch balances for more than 60 elementary school students was inspired to do so by the story of some Utah children who had their lunches taken away due to negative account balances.

KPRC in Houston reports that Kenny Thompson paid negative balances for students at Valley Oaks Elementary School, who were receiving cold cheese sandwiches instead of a full tray of food due to their account status.

All told he used about $465 of his own money,.

Thompson told KPRC he was spurred to action after he heard of the children at Uintah Elementary School in Salt Lake City who had their lunches taken from them and thrown away due to insufficient funds in their accounts.  The students were then given milk and fruit, but after parents and community members expressed frustrationtwo employees were put on paid leave.

“These are elementary school kids,” Thompson told KPRC. “They don’t need to be worried about finances. They need to be worried about what grade they got in spelling.”

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