Delta flight diverted due to unruly passenger, incident caught on camera

Posted at 7:37 AM, Feb 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-08 09:37:03-05

A Delta flight from Baltimore-Washington International Airport bound for Salt Lake City was diverted Friday night after a passenger became unruly midair, officials said Saturday morning.

According to a witness who recorded the incident, a woman made sexual advances toward another passenger after reportedly having a few drinks -- she allegedly became angry when her advancements were declined.

The video shows a woman screaming expletives and police come on board to escort her off.

The 737 aircraft, carrying 132 passengers, landed in at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport where the unruly passenger was removed, Delta Airlines officials said.

The flight then continued on to Salt Lake City without incident. It was an hour and half late.