Two Utah contestants make Top 30 on ‘American Idol’

Posted at 9:33 PM, Feb 13, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-14 18:23:58-05

SALT LAKE CITY -- In another intense episode of American Idol, two Utah contestants survived judgment day and made it to this season’s top 30. The sweat and tears from Kenzie Hall and Austin Wolfe paid off as they both made it past Hollywood Week and into one of the top 15 spots for girls. Fifteen boys round out the top 30.

In Thursday’s final episode of the grueling Hollywood Week, we first saw Draper’s Kenzie Hall in tears already in front of the judges.

Choked up, the 17 year old said to the judges, “I just want to make my mom proud.”

The judges said they appreciated her vulnerability, discussed her past performances, and ultimately sent Kenzie to the next round.

An elated Kenzie screamed, “I did it” as she ran into her mom’s arms.

She said she already has her sights set on the live rounds, where she hopes to impress America for votes.

“Going into live shows is really nerve-wracking, but I can't wait to do it," she said. "I think it's going to be so much fun."

We can expect a fun performance from Kenzie on Tuesday’s live show, as she adds, “I definitely have taken advice in, but I'm going to throw a lot of surprises into the live show.”

For Park City’s Austin Wolfe, Thursday night’s episode was just as intense. She made her way to the “final judgment” with another contestant--with only one spot left for top 15 girls.

It wasn’t long before we heard Keith Urban say, “Austin, you’re the last girl in top 15.”

As Austin’s dream of making top 30 on American Idol comes true, we could hear Harry Connick, Jr. say about Austin, “She can legitimately sing.”

We then saw an emotional moment between both Utah contestants, they both hug each other after Austin makes it past Hollywood week.

Austin told FOX 13 News, “It's probably the best accomplishment of my entire life thus far… It’s a dream come true to be in the top 30 of American Idol.”

When talking about the live rounds, Austin said, “I've never sang in front of an audience that big before, but the bigger and bigger the audience I found the more and more enthusiastic I am with my performances.”

Both girls will sing live next Tuesday, February 18. The top 15 boys will sing Wednesday, February 19, and next Thursday, February 20. We'll find out who America has voted into the top 10, with three judges' wildcard contestants also advancing.