Provo school earns national recognition for education success

Posted at 9:44 PM, Feb 16, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-16 23:44:47-05

PROVO, Utah – A school in Utah County is one of only 37 schools across the nation to be included in a top-tier category.

Provost Elementary School is one of the few “National Title One Distinguished Schools,” and the school emphasizes math and literacy in an effort to ensure each student who passes through their doors goes on to attend college.

Davilyn Ferrin is a kindergarten teacher at the school who said they work hard to achieve that goal.

"There is a big push here at our school to make sure that every student is college ready, and make sure that every student knows that they can be college ready,” Ferrin said.

Christine Elgaaen is a parent with children who attend the school, and she said faculty provide a lot of opportunities to students.

"They have a really awesome after school program my kids are involved in,” she said. “They get to do sewing, cooking, photography, art."

The school also enjoys a high level of volunteerism.

"We probably have about somewhere between 400 and 500 hours of volunteer service in this school just in a month,” Parent Randalynn Macedone said.

Dr. Stephen Oliverson is the principal of the school, and he said his staff works hard.

"We are extremely proud of the staff,” he said. “We average about 20 years of experience per teacher, which is phenomenal."

Oliverson and several others traveled to a national convention in San Diego recently to share the secrets of their success with other educators from around the nation.