Teen ‘Craigslist killer’ claims she stopped counting victims after 22, has no regrets

Posted at 5:52 PM, Feb 16, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-16 19:55:12-05

The information in this story comes from FOX News Correspondent Bryan Llenas. See the video above for his report.

PENNSYLVANIA -- A teenager jailed after she and her husband allegedly killed a person they met through Craigslist has reportedly claimed she killed more than 20 other victims, who she deemed ‘bad people.’

Miranda Barbour, 19, reportedly claimed that she had killed at least 22 people across the country.

She made the statements during a telephone interview with “The Daily Item” newspaper while she was in a jail in Pennsylvania Friday.

Barbour and her husband, 22-year-old Elytte Barbour, murdered 42-year-old Troy LaFerrera in November.Miranda Barbour said they lured the victim to them by offering sex for $100. She allegedly stabbed the victim 20 times as her husband strapped a cord around the victim’s neck.

"He said the wrong things...and then things got out of control,” she said. “I can tell you he was not supposed to be stabbed. My husband was just supposed to strangle him."

The other killings Barbour claims she committed were in Alaska, Texas, North Carolina and California.

"I can pinpoint on a map where you can find them... When I hit 22, I stopped counting,” she said.

Barbour reportedly said she would lure her victims in and then study them. She would even become their friend in some cases. She said she only killed "bad people," and that the majority of the killings were in Alaska—where she said she joined a satanic cult at the age of 13.

Officials are reviewing a recording of the interview, and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the case. Miranda Barbour reportedly said she has no regrets and doesn’t care if people believe her. She said she doesn’t want to get out of jail, as she would continue to kill if released.