A dozen deer carcasses discovered near PG townhomes

Posted at 6:55 PM, Feb 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-17 20:55:32-05

PLEASANT GROVE -- A foul odor near Pleasant Grove townhomes revealed a dumpster of a dozen deer carcasses, officials said Monday.

The roadkill, located near 220 S. Pleasant Grove Boulevard, had been piling up for the past month. Even though the dumpster is located on city property it’s the responsibility of the Division of Wildlife Resources to remove it.

"We've had some concerns about getting into the dumpster to get dead deer,” said Covy Jones, DWR wildlife manager. “The technicians haven't wanted to do that because in the winter they're frozen and we can't remove the animals and in the summertime, it's a mess.  It's a biological hazard and it's a nightmare."

In the past local law enforcement has pulled the roadkill off the city streets and DWR is supposed to empty the dumpster twice a week.

As of a month ago Pleasant Grove Police no longer remove roadkill. Officers are leaving it to DWR.

DWR officials admitted Monday that new staff on board have gotten behind in the roadkill removal.

"We'll have a different system to make sure it's easier for our technician to recover the roadkill and easier for us to haul it off so we don't have to be diving into a dumpster to dig deer out and haul them away," Jones said.

The dead deer were removed Monday by a waste management company and taken to a county landfill.