Romney comes out in favor of ‘Count My Vote’

Posted at 3:12 PM, Feb 24, 2014

Mitt Romney came out in favor of ‘Count My Vote,’ Monday, an organization that hopes to eliminate the caucus system in Utah.

Mitt Romney states:

Thanks for bringing me up to date on the Count My Vote initiative. I want to tell you that Ann and I are supporters.  Since the election, I’ve been pushing hard for states to move to direct primaries.  Caucus/convention systems exclude so many people: they rarely produce a result that reflects how rank and file Republicans feel.  I think that’s true for Democrats too.

Yesterday I read about the Utah Legislature trying to pass a bill that would nullify, in advance, the Count My Vote proposal.  I’m quite surprised legislators would consider doing that on a Voter Initiative. It seems to me if voters use a constitutional process to formally demand a chance to vote on something, the legislature shouldn’t interfere. I’m especially surprised legislators would interfere with a ballot measure defining how they get elected. It smacks of self-interest and feels very wrong.

I’ll encourage our family to sign the petition and you can count on us to help financially.

The caucus system is the method that political parties use to select their candidates for office.

The people behind Count My Vote claim their ballot initiative to eliminate Utah’s caucus system is a grassroots effort.

Old school caucus system supporters say Count My Vote isn’t about representing every day Utahns. They say it’s a ploy to buy the state’s election system.

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