County officials hope to make Emigration Canyon safer for cyclists, residents

Posted at 6:27 PM, Feb 25, 2014

EMIGRATION CANYON -- Conflicts and close calls between cyclists and drivers in Emigration Canyon forced Salt Lake County to take a hard look at how to improve safety on the road.

The Salt Lake County Council unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday asking canyon residents and cyclists to come up with a plan to make the canyon safer for all types of travelers.

One thought gaining traction is the idea of bike lanes along both sides of the 12-mile road.

"The bicyclists want to enjoy the canyon and the residents want to enjoy living here without being impeded by the bicyclists, so if we can get the infrastructure put in place it will make everybody happy. It's a classic win-win," said Rick Raile, chair of the Emigration Canyon Community Council.

That task force has eight months to figure out how to go about putting in a bike lane and what other improvements to address.