Judge sets hearing for teen accused in double murder

Posted at 12:49 PM, Feb 27, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-27 14:49:00-05

FARMINGTON -- A juvenile court judge has scheduled a hearing to decide whether a 15-year-old boy accused of stabbing his brothers to death should be tried as an adult.

During a brief hearing Thursday in Farmington's 2nd District Juvenile Court, the boy sat quietly as lawyers discussed the status of his case. His defense attorney, Todd Sessions, announced that an evaluation had been completed but more time was needed to compile a report for the court and attorneys.

Judge Janice Frost did schedule a hearing beginning May 21 to decide if the boy will be tried as an adult for the double murder. (FOX 13 is not naming the boy because he is a juvenile.)

The boy is accused of killing his brothers last year. Four-year-old Benji and 10-year-old Alex were found stabbed to death inside their West Point home. The boy was missing, and found hours later walking down a road in Layton.

Speaking to reporters outside the courtroom, Sessions said his client "somewhat" grasps the severity of the crimes he is accused of. Sessions said he believed the boy should remain in the juvenile court system, believing that it is what is best -- and bolstered by the recent evaluation.

Davis County prosecutors declined to comment outside of court, but have said they will seek to certify the teen as an adult.

Judge Frost recently tossed out statements the boy gave to police, ruling they were given in violation of his constitutional rights. Deputies repeatedly questioned him -- even after he had requested a lawyer.

The teen is due back in court for a status hearing in April.