Construction causes concern in Park City, several sites shut down

Posted at 8:49 PM, Mar 06, 2014

PARK CITY, Utah -- Main Street is known as the heart of Park City, but this winter, construction sites have lined the streets and are starting to raise concerns for local businesses. It's more construction than they've had in nearly a decade.

"Over the last few years we've seen increased numbers of building permits, and we're looking at millions of dollars of new development," said Park City Mayor Jack Thomas.

In the past two weeks, the city has had to order three construction sites to shut down temporarily due to several issues. One project is at a standstill, according to the city 632 Main Street's construction area is exposed and potentially dangerous to pedestrians. In addition to public safety, the construction areas are hurting local businesses, dropping sales by 40 percent for some stores.

"We have found out that some of the temporary measures that have been put in place are still causing impacts to the businesses," said Alison Butz, executive director of Park City Alliance.

Butz went with several store owners to a city council meeting last week and urged for stronger mitigation rules. She and others were looking for ways to lighten the impact on nearby businesses.

"The city council did listen to us, they're working with the construction companies now to see who they can change, what's currently being allowed," Butz said.

Only one of the projects will be finished this year, and several others will be starting next month. But city officials said they will do all they can to keep pedestrians safe and businesses thriving.