2 behind bars after SWAT response in West Point

Posted at 8:56 AM, Mar 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-08 22:23:43-05

WEST POINT, Utah — A SWAT team in Davis County diffused what appeared to be a tense situation in a quiet West Point neighborhood Saturday, and two people have been arrested as of Saturday evening.

Dispatchers received an anonymous call from a woman who said she heard gun fire.

“She said she heard some yelling and screaming and observed a man walk out of the home waiving a gun, she believed she heard him say something about shooting, and then went back into the home and she said she heard a couple pops,” said Lt. Dave Bremer with Davis County Sheriff’s Department.

Officials with the Davis County Sheriff’s Department said several people barricaded themselves inside the home, which is when officers called in the additional resources.

“I was really surprised when they called in the SWAT team and the bomb squad,” neighbor Shantel Glover said.

The swat team first tried phone calls and eventually used flash booms to draw the people out.

“Five individuals did eventually come out of the home, and even toward the end there was enough confusion from all their stories, we really did need to enter to make sure there was nobody else in the home,” Bremer.

After six hours, the SWAT team cleared the house without any injuries. In their search police said they discovered a small amount of drugs in the home, but didn’t find a gun.

Sheriff Todd Richardson, Davis County Sheriff's Office, said a male and female, both in their '20s, have been arrested and booked into the Davis County Jail in connection with the incident. The suspects' names and specific details regarding the charges they face were not immediately available.

The sheriff’s department said it’s unclear why the residents refused to come out of the house.