Residents upset after pets injured by traps meant for pests

Posted at 10:23 PM, Mar 12, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-13 00:23:10-04

IVINS, Utah – Pet and pet owners have been injured by traps meant for coyotes, and now the city council is being asked to intervene.

Ivins sits up against rural areas of Washington County, and coyotes have been known to roam the area. However, traps meant for the coyotes have become dangerous to others in the area.

Those who have approached the city council said at least one woman had a dog step on a trap on a commonly accessed walking trail, and they said the woman was injured as she tried to free her pet from the trap.

City council members are considering an ordinance relating to trapping, but they are taking time do research and have discussions.

FOX 13 News’ Zach Whitney has more on this story, see the video above for his report.