Fans in Boise sue stadium after ‘large’ beer revelation

Posted at 4:47 PM, Mar 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-14 18:47:01-04

The following report is courtesy Scott Logan via CNN.

BOISE, Idaho -- Thirsty fans in Idaho said their local hockey arena was ripping them off with their beer prices.

A YouTube video posted by fans shows a large beer contains the same amount as a regular -- even though it costs $3 more.

A small group of fans even sued the arena, while others said they just wanted the unfair beer sizes fixed.

It was a YouTube video that put the puck in motion, so to speak. It was made by Boiseans Gwen Gibbs and Heath Forsey.

At a Steelheads game in Century Link Arena they compared the amount in the regular $4 beer to the large $7 beer.

"It's the same beer. You just get a taller cup." They can be heard saying in the video.

They repeated their discovery the next day, and got the same results.

Social media went wild with agreement, and Century Link responded. The statement is in the video above, but the company said it was "certainly not intended to be a rip off." The company said they ordered 20 ounce cups and 16 ounce cups and didn't know the volume of one fit the other. They announced they would be selling $7 beers in 24 ounce cups for the rest of the season.Gwen Gibbs and Heath Forsey are good with that.

"I just wanted a change and to make them realize they're kind of ripping people off. I'm really happy with the change and how fast they put it in place."

Gibbs and Forsey are not among the four fans who are suing the arena over the beer cup snafu. The fans who brought the suit are seeking $10,000 in damages.

When asked about it, an arena spokesman said he hadn't yet seen the lawsuit, so he couldn't comment.