Uniquely Utah: Mollie’s Cafe

Posted at 10:05 PM, Mar 16, 2014

In March of 1916, a Utah newspaper proclaimed that Snowville would soon be a metropolis. As evidence, the article mentioned a new jewelry store and barber shop.

In 2014 there is no jewelry store or barber shop. There's Mollie's, another small diner which I'm told is also very good, and the Flying J at the exit for Interstate 84.

But Mollie's Cafe seems to thrive not in spite of these circumstances, but in some ways, because of them.

In Salt Lake City or Ogden, the diner would have been knocked down, redeveloped and replaced with a chain store long, long ago.

But Mollie's is the real deal. It's that place you didn't think existed anymore, in a town that time nearly forgot.

Mollie's spirit and story dominates the story seen on FOX 13 for good reason: she's one of a kind. What you don't see and hear in the story are the comings and goings of regular customers, and the conversations between cowboys and truckers.

For that, you'll just have to go and grab a booth for yourself. Oh, and order the banana cream pie while you’re at it.