New app designed for pet safety

Posted at 6:42 PM, Mar 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-17 20:42:58-04

SALT LAKE CITY -- The American Red Cross has created a new app designed for pet safety.

More than 60 percent of American households have pets. Many pets that get lost or hurt end up animal shelters.

In light of that, the American Red Cross offered up a new smart phone app that allows pet owners to be prepared when it comes to emergency response.

Rich Woodruff, spokesman for the Utah Red Cross, said the app was created because history shows pet owners will readily risk and often lose their own lives for their family pets.

The app includes post-trauma care instructions that provide access to instant information for more than two dozen First Aid and emergency situations including drowning, smoke inhalation and electrocution.

Carly Arky, director of communications for the Utah Humane Society thinks the Red Cross app, used in conjunction with an inexpensive microchip can make a huge difference when it comes to a pet’s survival and emergency.

The app can be downloaded for 99 cents.