Big Budah’s blog: Recovering after surgery

Posted at 7:47 PM, Mar 20, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-20 21:47:08-04

I am painfully frustrated with my recent surgery and how I am sidelined from normal functions like running and exercising, let alone walking and standing. I know it is only for a short time, but it still sucks.

My modes of transportation are the faithful crutches and the not so easy to balance on scooter. The scooter does beat the crutches when it comes to speed and comfort, but crutches win when it comes to a curbside or steps. I will see Dr. Steve Royall Friday to see if the boot can come off and if the incisions are healing nicely.

I have some unfortunate sad news that helps me push for a healthier lifestyle. My cousin Ailama Tiatia R.I.L passed away suddenly from a heart attack; he was not overweight or out of shape. Very sad for Joann and the kids. It helps remind me of how limited our time with family really is. So I am again reminded of the second chance and new life I am enjoying because of the folks at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, BMI Utah and Doctors Cottam and Richards.

My highlight this week, besides helping out at my daughter’s softball games, was serving as a panelist for the University of Utah’s Pacific Islander Student Association conference about Tauhi Va-Strengthening & Nurturing our Social Relations & Spaces.

I had the honor of joining many fellow Pacific Islanders from the community: Laura Lui: Attorney of Law, Ilaisaane Kinikini: U of U College Advisor, Victor Narsimulu: UVU College Admin, Nela Otuafi: Song Writer/Producer, Ulysses Tongaonevai: U of U Professor, Sione Pouha: NFL Veteran, Teena Moleni-Tuifua: Weber State Professor, Feleti Matagi: U of U Director Diversity Scholarships, Elenoa Pua: Midvale Middle School Counselor, Dr. Adrian Bell: U of U Professor Anthropology, Susana Tonga: Utah State Courts.

We were able to share with middle school, high school and college students how our cultural background and diversity aided is in our education and careers. Big shout out to David Kinikini with the U of U, who helped the P.I.S.A. club members put this together.