U of U officials respond to ruling regarding college athletes and unions

Posted at 11:14 PM, Mar 27, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- University of Utah officials gave comment Thursday about college athletes possibly unionizing.

A decision by the National Labor Relations board would allow college football players to unionize at Northwestern University in Chicago.

This decision could set a precedent for colleges across the nation, including here in Utah.

The ruling comes after the efforts of a former quarterback of Northwestern trying to get college athletes viewed as not just players, but employees. This would open the door for the athletes to not only receive scholarships, but compensation for their athletic contribution.

Some legal analysts said it is only a matter of time before other college athletes across the country try for the same thing.

University of Utah officials said that because the ruling is so new, they are waiting for more details to come forward before they make any moves.

"The schools aren't really doing anything just yet,” said Chris Hill, U of U Athletic Director. “It was a ruling out of the unions and it will be appealed and most of us in college athletics want to do more and more for the student athletes, which we do. At the same time, the student part of it is important and we don't think that is going to go away."

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