2 people shot in Bountiful, suspect still at large

Posted at 7:15 AM, Mar 29, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-29 23:57:22-04

BOUNTIFUL, Utah — A shooting in Bountiful has left two people in the hospital, and officials said the shooter is at large.

The shooting happened in the area of 2200 South Orchard Drive, and police received a 911 call at about 10:55 p.m. Friday.

Two individuals were injured, a 30-year-old male and a 23-year-old female. Both were treated at a hospital for gunshot wounds considered to be non-life-threatening. Officials said Sunday the female had been released from the hospital, while the male was still being treated.

“Reportedly they were just driving down the street and the shooter was standing somewhere near the apartments,” said Lt. Dave Edwards with the Bountiful Police Department.

Police officials spent Friday night and most of Saturday trying to piece together the crime.

“Investigators are interviewing witnesses,” Edwards said. “There have been additional witnesses that have come forward this morning, as they’ve seen police response and realized, heard and saw things and that’s the avenues we’re taking at this time.”

Karrie Davenport was in her front yard with her dog Friday night when she saw the shooting take place just feet in front of her.

“I was facing this way and heard the gunshots, and he was standing in between that tree and this pole,” she said. “I was thinking they was going to shoot me. For crying out loud, I was out here by myself at dark.”

Davenport said it was dark and all she could see was that the shooter was a man in dark clothing. He fired several shots at a car that sped away. Police were called to Lake View Hospital, which is where the victims had gone for treatment.

“Our officer responded to the hospital, made contact with the victims and a vehicle in the parking lot,” Edwards said. “As [officers] entered the hospital, they passed a vehicle with multiple bullet holes and found two people with gunshot injuries inside the hospital.”

Police said a toddler was riding in the backseat at the time of the shooting but was uninjured. The two adult victims said they were just driving down the street when they were fired at, but police officials said they suspect there’s more to the story.

“We do have information indicating it’s possibly related to a drug sale or purchase, however it is an open investigation at this time,” Edwards said.

Police said witnesses continue to step forward with information, but so far they have not been able to provide much of a description on the suspect. Police believe the person responsible is a man in dark clothing.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Bountiful police at 801-298-6000.