‘Hot and Smart’ college students: Utah campus ranks No. 1

Posted at 4:10 PM, Apr 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-03 10:12:57-04

PROVO, Utah – Business Insider recently compiled a list of colleges “Where Students Are Both Hot And Smart”, and a college in Utah took home the top spot.

The website reportedly based the rankings on data that included nearly 1 million student reviews of more than 8,000 schools, and at the end Brigham Young University was ranked No. 1 on the list.

Each entry on the list featured quotes from reviewers of the school, and one such stated:

"Mormons are attractive. I don't know why but they are. And smart. Everyone is hot and smart here and it's crazy! They can come off as a little judgmental, but most of them aren't, they just seem like it because they're stereotyped that way."

Another school run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, BYU-Idaho, made the list, coming in at No. 15.

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