SLC police seek suspects in another Family Dollar robbery

Posted at 5:38 AM, Apr 04, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-04 23:45:36-04

SALT LAKE CITY -- Family Dollar Stores are being targeted by armed robbers. The fifth robbery in a month happened Thursday night in Salt Lake City’s Marmalade District.

Just before closing time, two men, one of them armed, walked into the store near 300 West 500 North.

"One was armed with a handgun, they ordered everybody to the floor," said Lt. Dave Cracroft with the Salt Lake City Police Department.

The other suspect, who wasn’t armed, jumped the counter and grabbed money from the till.

"Fortunately no one was injured and no shots fired or anything like that," Lt. Cracroft said.

But for customers who shop here, "that is scary, especially since every time I come, I come with my little boy," said customer Amie Johnson.

"I think it makes you angry and worried for people who aren't aware or have young children," said customer Ann Beglarian.

Cops said the thieves have become increasingly violent, at times, stealing customers personal belongings. At the Family Dollar Store at 857 Redwood Road, some customers were pepper sprayed when the business was robbed March 15.

"I feel like it's gonna hurt Family Dollar and the customers who shop there," said customer Sheena Hawthorne.

"That makes me definitely not want to come here, at night even," Johnson added.

The same store in Taylorsville was robbed twice in March and a clerk said she recognized a suspect from the previous crime.

"We are working with those agencies, we're going to compare video, compare notes and the way they're operating," said Det. Veronica Montoya with the Salt Lake City Police Department.

In each crime, it's always two guys, sometimes they're both armed with handguns and have their faces covered by masks or hoodies. And they typically strike around closing time.

“Hopefully the community can help," Hawthorne said.

So far, the descriptions have been vague. Cops are looking for more details.

"Anything you can let us know, tattoos, piercings, skin color because they are masked," Det. Montoya said.

Five armed robberies at four different locations have occurred in the last four weeks. If you have any helpful information, you can remain anonymous, just call your local law enforcement agency, as several agencies are working together to catch these two.

Officials with Family Dollar Store told FOX 13 News they are concerned and are increasing training for employees, updating surveillance equipment and working with cops to get these armed bandits caught.

The Family Dollar store on at 857 N Redwood Rd. was robbed on March 15 and the Family Dollar store at 1649 W 4200 S was robbed on March 30.