2 buck pronghorn found poached near Price, officials say

Posted at 4:04 PM, Apr 08, 2014

PRICE — The Utah Division of Wildlife conservation officers are seeking the public’s help in obtaining more information regarding two buck pronghorn that appear to have been poached.

The skeletons of the animals were found in the Mounds area, southeast of Price. The

Courtesy of Division of Wildlife Resources

Courtesy of Division of Wildlife Resources

pronghorn heads were not taken and the entire carcasses were left to waste, according to DWR officials.

Officers believe the animals were shot around the first part of March.

Anyone with information related to the illegal killing of the beasts or any others have been asked to call the UTiP hotline at 800-662-3337 or contact DWR Officer JD Abbot at 435-650-0654.