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Big Budah’s blog: A poem from the pants of my past

Posted at 3:46 PM, Apr 11, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-11 17:46:47-04

This week has still been tough. I don’t like not being able to work out, I am barely getting around, and I am still hurting a little from my foot surgery.

But, I was instantly put in to a good mood when I jumped on the scale this morning and learned that I did not gain any weight even without any exercise, so I am excited and eager to get back to business once this injury heals up.

I am still sitting at 310 pounds, which amounts to a loss of about 140 pounds! Thanks to all those who helped make this possible, Doctors Cottam and Richards, Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, my FOX 13 News family and all of you, because if it weren’t for the procedure I am positive I would have gained some weight.

On a lighter note, here is a poem by JoKyr, a local Slam Poet,that pokes some fun at my weight loss journey.

A Letter to Big Budah, from his Size 76 Custom Fit Pants
By: JoKyr

Dear Budah,

I miss you. I’ve cried rivets of tears. My elastic is wasting away without your tummy to keep it taut.

Do you not remember the good times? In the beginning? We were inseparable. Often, literally inseparable as you occasionally had a difficult time getting out of me.

I was there for Howdy Time! Boy did we give those ponies something to talk about!
And, when you played the bus driver in the Good Luck Charlie Christmas movie, you drove that bus by the seat of ME.

Then came your now famous gastric sleeve surgery. And, as you shed the inches, quickly morphing into the hunky heartthrob you are today, you tossed me aside, like so many pounds of discarded stomach tissue.

A year went by before you even called. You wanted a photo shoot of us together, with you tugging on my waistband to show the enormous gap that has grown between us. Could anything be more cruel?

How I hunger for you… as passionately as you must hunger for white rice and fried pork.
Oh Big, surely we could make it work. I can change. A few extra pleats, a cinch of the belt, one really careless visit to the Laundromat. But, I can’t do it all, myself. Won’t you meet me in the middle?

Just think of it, Leroy. Think… of the ice cream. The sweet, sinful, artery clogging ice cream. Just a few dozen gallons once or twice a month, and we could be as one, once more. Floating on a cloud of heavenly Haagen-Dazs, down the ample aisle ways of the Costco frozen food section.

The serving size of my love is measured in cartons, and each one contains 400% of the recommended daily allowance of passion, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

I’ll be waiting for you… in aisle three of the Men’s Big and Tall… waiting for you to become Big Budah once again.

-Love always,
Your Pants

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