Sponsor steps forward to save Sugarhouse Fireworks

Posted at 5:41 PM, Apr 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-14 19:41:32-04

SUGAR HOUSE -- Once again, Sugarhouse Firework event organizers have had a lot of trouble this year finding proper funding.

On Monday the fate of the event was revealed – the show will go on.

Thanks to a last-minute sponsor, one of the largest firework shows in Utah will still fill the sky on the Fourth of July.

The owner of Apollo burger stepped in and donated $25,000 so the firework show wouldn't fizzle.

Event organizers say they were ready to cancel the show last Friday after the Salt Lake City Council said "no" to funding the needed money for the fireworks. That's when Apollo burger came in and discussed with event organizers over the weekend on how they could help save the show.

Event organizers say the last-minute sponsor saved the community from a big disappointment.

"A few people say ‘it's just entertainment’ and I want to convey that it's more than that. This is a celebration of our country of United States of America," said Scott Workman, Event Organizer of Sugarhouse Fireworks.

Apollo Burger says they want to be involved with funding for the Sugarhouse Fireworks for at least the next five years and they are also discussing donating more money to make it even bigger and better.