New U-Turn in Kearns causes accidents, residents say

Posted at 10:35 PM, Apr 21, 2014

KEARNS -- Residents in Kearns are afraid to go into their own front yards after a car slammed into a house.

"Someone is going to get killed, it's that bad as far as I'm concerned," said Mike Day, who owns the home, located on 5550 S. 4015 West.

The crash occurred Saturday afternoon. The home is adjacent to a new U-Turn intersection that was designed within the last few years.

However, neighbors say the intersection is unsafe. According To Day this is the second time in the past month a car has ended up crashed in his front yard.

"They've taken the stop sign out, flew through the front yard as a deadly projectile, I'm afraid to be in the front yard, I'm afraid to be in the house anymore," Day said. "We've been talking about it, we knew it was going to happen sooner or later, it was bound to."

Inside the home Day showed FOX 13 the damage to his living room. His wife Tonya realizes it could have even been worse.

"I mean if I would have been sitting there I would have been taken out," Day’s wife said. "I worry about all the school kids walking along this road -- the cars fly by here."

Their daughter Debbie said it's affected the family's entire quality of life.

"I have no desire to come over here anymore because of this. I have no desire because of what happened," she said.

Across the street, Danielle Mossor is continuously figuring out new safety precautions to protect her children.

"It constantly scares me. They can't have a normal childhood, in fact after this car accident on Saturday I had to rearrange my son’s bedroom to make sure if a car hits our house it's not going to hit him," Mossor said.

Officials with Utah Department of Transportation did not address the particular intersection in question but they did say safety is always their number one concern and the cause of Saturday’s crash is still under investigation.
The Day family said they are desperate to see some changes and soon.

"They need to get this intersection out for everyone to be safe," Day’s wife said.