Wind knocks down trees, powerlines in SLC

Posted at 5:05 PM, Apr 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-23 01:01:08-04

SUGAR HOUSE -- Wind caused major issues across Salt Lake City Tuesday evening. A tree was snapped in half on East Sherman Avenue in Sugar House.

Jean Spendlove's front yard tree was no match for the wind. She said she was shocked to see that her usual parking space had been consumed by bark, branches and leaves.

"I park right there normally, it could have fallen on me or fallen on the car," Spendlove said.

The tree, like many others around Salt Lake City, came barreling down around 5 p.m. during the height of the windstorm.

"The whole neighborhood came out, the kids came out, the kids were climbing on it, it was definitely a point of interest," Spendlove said.

It took three hours for crews to arrive and chop up the damage. This wasn't the first, or last piece of fallen timber on the crews’ to-do list.

"It's pretty busy, there are branches everywhere, it definitely got off to a rough start," said tree trimmer Wes Barber. "When it's windy like this we are going to have a lot of breakage, smashed cars, roads blocked."

The wind also knocked down several power lines causing thousands of Rocky Mountain Power customers to lose power.

A power pole in Murray at 5600 South and 900 East also was knocked down and blocked several lanes of traffic.