Director: ‘Goonies’ sequel ‘hopefully’ on the way

Posted at 8:15 AM, Apr 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-23 10:25:39-04
The Goonies movie poster | Source:

The Goonies movie poster | Source:

HOLLYWOOD — Richard Donner, who directed “The Goonies,” said a sequel to the beloved 1985 film could become reality.

In a video (below) posted on YouTube by TMZ, Donner hinted that Steven Spielberg, who co-wrote “The Goonies,” came up with the idea to make a sequel and has a storyline in mind.

“Hopefully, we’re gonna get this done,” Donner said in the video. “Steven came up with the idea of doing a sequel after 30 years.”

When asked if Josh Brolin or any of the other original cast members might come back to do a sequel, Donner couldn’t provide a definitive answer.

“It’s up to them. If they have any sense, they will. If they don’t, they won’t,” Donner said.

Earlier this month, TMZ asked Sean Astin, who played lead character “Mikey” in “The Goonies,” if he would be interested in doing a sequel.

“Dick Donner and Steven Spielberg have my heart. They tell me where to show up, I’ll show up,” Astin said.

A complete cast reunion, of course, will not be possible. Anne Ramsey, who played lead villain Mama Fratelli, died in 1988.

John Matuszak, who played Mama Fratelli’s disfigured but good-natured son Sloth, died in 1989.

According to IMDB, Jeff Cohen, who played the fan-favorite character Chunk, went on to become an entertainment lawyer in Beverly Hills and hasn’t acted in a movie since 1991.