Suspect in custody, no injuries after hostage situation on I-15, officials say

Posted at 2:30 PM, Apr 27, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-27 23:29:02-04

A suspect in a Louisiana murder is in custody in Iron County after leading Utah Highway Patrol troopers on a high-speed chase and barricaded himself inside a car with a small child.

zeland-adamsZeland Adams, 28, peacefully surrendered to police after engaging in a standoff on I-15 that latest much of Sunday afternoon.

"'We received information that there was a suspect that might be wanted in questioning for, in connection with a homicide," said Capt. Barton Blair, Utah Highway Patrol.

At approximately noon Sunday, Cedar Communications advised the sheriff's office of two suspects wanted from the Louisiana area. Officers located the vehicle with the occupants matching the persons wanted for questioning.

At a traffic stop near mile post 77, two subjects exited the vehicle and were taken into custody. Adams fled in the vehicle with a small child, the son of a passenger that had gotten out, according to officials.

The ensuing pursuit reached speeds of 130 mph. The vehicle was spiked near mile post 95 and the vehicle came to a stop after hitting another vehicle. The occupants of the second vehicle are believed to be uninjured, according to the Iron County Sheriff's Office.

The car came to a stop on the shoulder of the I-15 Northbound lane. Troopers went to work setting up a safe zone, getting all the cars off the freeway. They were extra cautious, not only for the safety of the toddler, but they had information that Adams was armed and dangerous.

"We had the road closed for about five and a half hours, northbound and southbound through the area," said Capt. Blair. "It was the safest thing that we could do for the public, to get them routed through the area."

SWAT negotiators spend hours trying to coax Adams out of the vehicle. He gave up peacefully and the boy was returned to his mother. Adams was taken into custody.

"We'll have a hold placed on him, because there are other agencies, federal and local, out-of-state agencies that are interested in questioning him," Capt. Blair said.

Adams will be booked into Iron County Jail where troopers will screen for possible charges, including evading police and kidnapping.