Salt Lake City’s SWAT team trains new recruits

Posted at 5:49 PM, Apr 27, 2014

It’s a grueling process, but the training is invaluable to police officers in high risk situations.

“We are testing for their physical stamina, but throughout the course of the week we will also be testing their decision making skills and mental stamina,” said. Lt.Rich Bredy, the Salt Lake City Police Department.

In the next week, the candidates will go through 100 hours of training, but the obstacle course is the most intense and rigorous part.

“You have to be in top physical conditions, you have to be proficient in your fire arms, and you have to be in the mindset of a tactical edge,” said Officer Drew Perry, a SWAT candidate.

The Salt Lake Police Department puts on the SWAT school each year to fill open spots on its tactical team, but this year it’s also training four officers from Brazil in preparation for the World Cup.

“We are coming here to have them share that knowledge with us so we can take it back home and better train our colleagues,” said Marcio Zenko, a Brazilian Police Officer.

Not all the officers who apply make it through; by the end of it several, will drop out.