Three in critical condition after possible overdose

Posted at 6:03 PM, Apr 27, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-27 23:18:51-04

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah -- Three individuals were found unconscious at an apartment complex in Cottonwood Heights Sunday morning. All three were transported to Intermountain Medical Center in critical condition.

Cottonwood Heights Police responded to the Pinnacle Apartments at 7673 Highland Drive at approximately 7 a.m. after they received a phone call about a large party taking place near the pool area.

When police arrived, they said several people fled the area, leaving a 20-year-old male on the ground.

"We didn't know what he was on, I couldn't get him to respond," said Officer Brian Eschtruth, Cottonwood Heights Police Department.

A second officer spotted another male, 23, in a similar condition in the pool and noticed he was starting to sink into the water. He was pulled from the pool and treated by paramedics.

Police were able to track the other people to a nearby apartment unit, where they found a 19-year-old woman unresponsive on a couch.

Police found marijuana, alcohol and residue of GHB, a 'date-rape' drug, in the apartment. Police said the GHB was in liquid form and was mixed into a jug which everyone was passing around.

"The drug is used at a lot of raves, it's a party drug, it causes a euphoric state," said Officer Brian Eschtruth, Cottonwood Heights Police Department. "They have these weird sensations, hallucinations, just gives them a weird sensation, keeps them awake, it's popular among teenagers right now, and college aged students. It's a bad drug."

Misdemeanor citations were issued, including for drug offenses and minors in possession of alcohol; no one was arrested.