Jackie Robinson’s daughter visits Heber City middle school

Posted at 7:31 PM, Apr 29, 2014

HEBER CITY, Utah -- Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in professional sports -- and now his daughter, Sharon Robinson, is encouraging others to break through their own barriers, no matter what they may be, through the MLB Educational Program – “Breaking Barriers in Sports, in Life.”

“My dad loved working with young people so I believe that he is smiling down and thrilled that so many kids are still learning from his life I think he’d be amazed at how popular he is today,” Sharon Robinson said.

Robinson went to Heber City Tuesday to honor an eighth-grade student at Rocky Mountain Middle School. Drew Becker won first prize for an essay contest for the Breaking Barriers Program.

Approximately 19,000 essays were submitted but only 10 students across the country were recognized.

“I was surprised because I didn’t think I would make it but now I’m still surprised it’s an amazing experience,” Drew said.

Drew’s essay told of his journey of overcoming his fears after being viciously attacked by a dog.

It was in the school parking lot when Drew went to pet his friend’s dog --the dog leaped out at him and when he tried to pull away it started a tug-of-war with his face.

“They took me to the ER where I had surgery, 90 stitches and then just recently I had to get plastic surgery to realign the lip,” Drew said.

Along with the recognition and visit from Jackson, Drew also won a computer.

“We’re telling kids challenge is a part of life and you can’t shy away from it -- you have to face it and find ways to deal with it effectively, as Drew has done with his fear of dog,” Robinson said.