‘Peter Parkour’ brings amazing Spider-Man stunts to Utah

Posted at 10:24 PM, Apr 30, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- The much anticipated new Spider-Man movie comes out in theaters this week, but, until then, you can watch the parkour video of Utah’s own "Peter Parkour."

The man inside the suit is Utahn Ronnie Shalvis. He’s been a parkour athlete for eight years and now says making a video like this – being able to be Spider-Man minus the webbing and super human powers – has always been his dream.

Whether it’s walls, stairs, or handrails, Shalvis finds the most efficient way around and through these urban obstacles, and YouTube videos of him doing this have gone viral.

“Each new video I do I try to capture something new and big that’s coming out or something I’m passionate about,” Shalvis said.

Shalvis said he’s always been a Spider-Man fan, so in this latest video, he’s a web-less Spider-Man doing parkour throughout Salt Lake and Provo. His leaps, vaults, spins and flips have some calling him the real deal.

“Even in the comments on the YouTube video are like, ‘This guy should be the real Spider Man,’ things like that, so it’s a real motivational booster for me and I’m hoping it leads to some awesome things for me in the future,” Shalvis said.

The video was filmed at popular locations in downtown Salt Lake City like Exchange Plaza and the surrounding building rooftops. It seems people are more used to seeing Spider-Man around town than Shalvis thought.

“Because I was in a Spider-Man costume most people didn’t really care, they’re like, ‘Oh that’s cool, it’s Spider-Man climbing a building,” Shalvis said.

Now that Shalvis has fulfilled his lifelong dream of recreating Spider-Man, he said he’s looking forward to the movie.

“If I have to I’ll parkour my way to any seat in any theater to see it,” he said.

The new Spider-Man movie comes out Friday, May 2. Shalvis tells FOX 13 News he has a list of other videos he’ll be making, some of them he said he can’t talk about now. Shalvis said he – luckily – has never gotten seriously hurt while doing parkour and he said that’s due in large part to his extensive training.

He said beginners need to know their limits and work up to the bigger tricks. Shalvis also said these videos wouldn’t be possible without a good team, like those who worked on this latest Spider-Man parkour video.

Watch the full YouTube video: