Big Budah’s blog: Celebrating graduation

Posted at 8:25 PM, May 02, 2014

This week I’m still frustrated with not being able to work out and be fully active. But I am definitely in good spirits with my wife graduating from the University of Utah.

She says it is an amazing feeling to finish school while working and being a full-time mother. I was quickly reminded of how it wasn’t too long ago that I had my own graduation and am very proud of Jen.

We had a great celebration with family and friends. I was so nervous about putting the party together because I had never done one before, but I found everything I needed at Zurchers and it totally made the party more fun.

We had good food, great company, awesome decor and even a photo booth. I manned the grill and cooked 150 terri-burgers. It felt good to share this moment with family.

Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement. Big shout out to Doctors Cottam & Richards, BMI Utah, Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, my family and my friends.

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