Warrants reveal new details in deaths of 7 infants found in Utah home

Posted at 7:13 PM, May 02, 2014

UPDATE: On Monday, the Fourth District Court released more warrants served by Pleasant Grove police. In them, police reveal they searched a home for Megan Huntsman’s diary.

Huntsman’s boyfriend “told me he is aware Megan has been keeping and storing a diary on an unknown electrical storage device. At this time, officers have been unable to find the electronically stored diary of Megan,” Pleasant Grove Police Detective Rick Henderson wrote in the warrant.

Police also seized Huntsman’s bedroom furniture for blood, bodily fluids or any other evidence of childbirth. Police said that all of it “could identify the deceased children, any other evidence of the crime, any digital media storage devices capable of storing any digital evidence, email, text message or any other means of communication and cell phones” as well as “any items used to conceal and store the body.”


PROVO — Newly unsealed search warrants reveal new details about the deaths of six infants and the woman accused of killing them.

The search warrants, released late Friday, reveal that Megan Huntsman was questioned after her ex-husband, Darren West, reported finding a dead baby wrapped in plastic, concealed in a box inside the garage of their Pleasant Grove home.

The warrant, written by Pleasant Grove Police Corporal Dane Cannavo, said “Megan stated that Darren was the father and the child had been placed in the garage nearly 9 years previous.”

The warrant said six other children were found in boxes in the garage.

During questioning, Huntsman “admitted to at least 8 or 9 deceased infant children concealed in the residence,” Cannovo wrote.

“Megan has admitted to killing all the children, by strangulation, except one which was stillborn at birth. During the interview, Megan was unable to confirm exact locations for each of the above deceased children.”

Huntsman is facing six counts of murder in the infants’ deaths.

Read the search warrants here.