Community holds fundraiser for family of young murder victim

Posted at 5:51 PM, May 03, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-03 19:51:36-04

WEST JORDAN, Utah -- A community came together to raise money for the family of Sierra Newbold Saturday.

Almost two years ago, 6-year-old Sierra was taken from her bed, raped, and murdered. Saturday, her West Jordan neighborhood raised money to help the family remodel their home.

The Newbold family said they really have leaned on their generous neighbors throughout this tragedy. They remain in the house where Sierra was taken June 26, 2012, because, while the home has some painful memories, it has some special ones too.

“The kitchen, a couple months ago I walked in and  just broke down cause you could see her climbing on the counters to get a cup or using the drawers as a ladder to get up,” Sierra’s mother, Kathy Newbold, said.

Kathy and Brad Newbold walked into the West Jordan Elementary School gymnasium in amazement. Everything from frosted cupcakes and other baked goods to a giant grill and a Moab excursion were donated in hopes of a fresh start for the Newbold family and their home.

“I’m overwhelmed, it’s hard to comprehend how much everybody cares,” Newbold said.

The Newbold’s neighbors organized the fundraiser festival to help the family fund a remodel of their West Jordan home.

“They love the community, we want them to stay, they want to stay, but it’s painful to see that sliding door he came in, and its painful to see the bedroom he took her out of,” said Kathy Edwards, one of those who organized the fundraiser.

Sierra was taken from her bed, raped, and killed by a man who lived in the same neighborhood. The community is trying to move forward from the tragedy by uniting behind this family.

Her mother said she wants to turn Sierra’s old room into an office and completely remove the sliding glass door, but some things she’s not willing to change.

“The one that we are going to keep is the hallway, cause I just remember them running up and down laughing and giggling and that’s for some reason very important to me that we have that,” Newbold said.

For those who want to contribute to the Newbold family but didn’t make it out to the event, there are various ways to donate. Click here for details.