Cleanup continues on truck accident that killed turkeys, officials say

Posted at 7:19 PM, May 06, 2014

DEER CREEK RESERVOIR -- On April 24 a semitrailer hauling hundreds of live turkeys crashed into Deer Creek Reservoir but cleanup of the crash is far from over.

Crews are working to make sure the fuel spill and the dead animals in the reservoir won’t impact the thousands of people who drink from it. Almost two weeks later everything above the water is clear but what’s below the surface is still a concern.

"We’re estimating anywhere between 50-150 turkeys and numerous portions of the semi truck and the trailer," said John Hart, Chief Operating Officer, Enviro Care.

But retrieving all of the crash remains beneath the water’s surface is no easy task. A diver suits up, sinks 70 feet below the surface and starts assessing the area.

"It’s not too clear there’s a lot of turkeys a lot of debris a lot that we’re cleaning up right now but it’s a normal day in the office," said Jon Cross, commercial diver.

A camera is attached to the diver’s helmet and piece by piece the area is cleaned up.

"It’s good to get all of this out and by the time we get through he’s very good at it he’s like an underwater vacuum cleaner," said Jim L. Cross Senior, Pres. of Cross Marine Projects.

Hart said their goal is to get every turkey out of the water.

But getting objects out isn’t the only concern.

"We want to make sure all oil is removed from the water surface -- this is a drinking water source for Provo and Salt Lake City so it’s critical to remove all of this fuel so it does not make it to the drinking water," Hart said.

The dive team will be here throughout the end of the week but Enviro care will be monitoring the water for the next several weeks.