Provo man uses creativity, artistry to become ‘Iron Man’

Posted at 4:34 PM, May 10, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-11 00:21:23-04

PROVO, Utah -- An artist in Provo created a life-size Iron Man suit using nothing more than foam, spray paint and his computer.

He said it's the amount of work he put into the costume that makes it look so real.

"It's kind of like a sewing pattern," Nate Bonham said. "I cut out the pieces out of paper, I put them on to the craft foam, and then it tells me where to glue each edge together to turn it into a three-dimensional piece."

Bonham is a sculptor by trade. He said his artistic background helped him put together the life-size action hero suit.

It's a hit at parties and kids think it's the real deal, which gave Bonham an idea to post his work on YouTube.

"We were thinking about doing a whole series of like, Iron Man does basic boring things, Iron Man goes golfing" Bonham said.

He and his friends settled on Ironman goes to the mall, which you can watch below.

"People at the mall thought it was hilarious," Bonham said. "We had people following me around the whole time and trying to take pictures with me. Little kids would come up and get high fives."

It took the artist about 90 hours to get the details just right. And now that he's had his fun as Iron Man, he's starting to plan his next big project.

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