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Woman convicted in violent crime spree sentenced to prison

Posted at 3:27 PM, May 14, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- A woman convicted of committing multiple robberies in the Salt Lake Valley in 2012 was sentenced Wednesday in the 3rd District Court.

Sandra Chotia-Thompson was sentenced to two 5 years to life sentences, which will be served concurrently at the Utah State Prison in Draper.

Chotia-Thompson and her partner Kelly Simmons, were responsible for a violent crime spree that spanned from December of 2012 to January of 2013.

Chotia-Thompson was the getaway driver in the those crimes, police say.

Those crimes included several armed robberies, including a Scaddy’s Restaurant in Murray, an armed carjacking and a scene where several shots were fired at a Murray City Police Officer. Police say the crimes were fueled by methampheatmine and heroin addictions.

Simmons was killed while fleeing from U.S. Marshals JCAT Team last January.

Chotia-Thompson surrendered to police and ultimately pleaded guilty to attempted aggravated murder.

Chotia-Thompson apologized to her victims in court Wednesday, including the Murray City Police Officer.

Chotia-Thompson pleaded for mercy, asking the judge for probation.

Judge Katy Bernards Goodman said a stiffer price had to be paid.

Chotia-Thompson left the courtroom in tears.