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Stroke Rehabilitation

Posted at 10:58 AM, May 15, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-15 14:55:32-04

After experiencing stroke, rehabilitation is a crucial part of recovery. The purpose of rehabilitation is to help patients relearn skills lost after stroke and regain independence. The type of therapy involved in stroke rehabilitation depends on the severity of the stroke and brain damage.

What does stroke rehabilitation involve?

-Therapy for communication: speech, writing, listening, and comprehension

-Mobility training with use of walking aids or braces

-Strengthening motor skills to improve muscle strength and coordination

-Range of motion therapy

-Psychological evaluation: cognitive skills, mood assessment, participation in support groups

-Constraint-induced therapy that involves restricting the use of an unaffected limb while the patient practices moving the affected limb

-Electrical stimulation for weakened muscles

-Computer-based therapy that involves interacting with a simulated environment

-Robotic technology to assist impaired limbs with performing repetitive motions to help regain strength and function in the muscles

When should rehabilitation begin and how long does it last?

Ideally, stroke rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible, but medical stabilization is the first priority. If a patient is at risk for another stroke or stroke-related complication, rehabilitation will be postponed until the patient’s condition is under control.

The length of time a patient is in rehabilitation depends on the severity of the stroke and other complications. Most patients need some form of long-term rehabilitation, but the types of therapy will change to adjust to recovery. It is important to remember that stroke rehabilitation takes time and each case is different. Dedication from the patient and friends and family is necessary for recovery.

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