Annual ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign begins

Posted at 12:50 PM, May 19, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Department of Public Safety has begun its "Click It or Ticket" campaign for 2014.

For the campaign, which runs May 19 to June 1, law enforcement officers throughout Utah will be working seat belt-focused patrols to ticket motorists who aren't buckled up.

Sgt. Warren Foster, Springville Police Department, lost his son Cameron in a crash in October 2013. Foster spoke to FOX 13 about losing someone whose life could've been saved by a seat belt.

"It's very frustrating, especially when one of my own children, who knew better, decided not to do it," Foster said. "So, when you see other people take that risk and take that chance, I don't think they quite understand the impact that it has not only on them personally, but the lives of people that are in their families or their friends or whatever the case might be."

The goal of the campaign is not for motorists to pick up tickets, it’s for them to pick up the life-saving habit of buckling up, a press release from the Utah Department of Public Safety said.