Rangers increase patrols at lakes, reservoirs for holiday weekend

Posted at 5:47 PM, May 25, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-25 23:33:40-04

UTAH LAKE -- Park rangers are patrolling Utah's lakes and reservoirs this holiday weekend looking for drunk drivers and other safety concerns.

"Today we will be looking for life jacket violation, registration violations, and speed and proximity," said Jason Allen, who is a park manager at Utah Lake State Park. "If we can locate some alcohol violations we'll have to deal with that as it comes."

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the busy season for Utah Lake, and for many folks its their first time out on the water this year. Allen said it's usually on the first ride out that people forget something.

"Up here you can be 10 miles from shore and you could turn a simple out of gas situation to heat stroke for little kids," he said.

The park ranger said, in the last few years, the state park official hasn't found as many registration violations or life jacket issues. Rangers partly attribute that cooperation to increase patrols.

"Hopefully leave a decent impression on them that we are out here to help not just harass," Allen said. "So far, just some very minor violations. Nothing that can't be fixed with a quick stop off at the store on the way home."

Allen didn't hand out any tickets during this patrol, but he said the weekend isn't over and people should still be cautious.