Layton VFW works to raise funds for digital bugle

Posted at 10:03 PM, May 26, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-27 08:19:32-04

LAYTON, Utah -- The Layton VFW held a barbecue fundraiser on Memorial Day in an effort to keep a meaningful military tradition alive.

The Layton VFW does not currently own a bugle, which is often used for the playing of Taps on holidays, such Memorial Day and Labor Day, as well military funerals.

"To do full military honors you have to have a bugle. A lot of times, we don't have one," said Veteran Dave Johnson. "The families feel like they are missing something. It means a lot for us to get one."

The VFW has been forced to rely on outside posts for help, but that can be problematic.

"We have to call and attempt to arrange one for a given day for a funeral but if one of their members have a funeral that day they take precedence of course because it's their member," said Veteran Mike Dufresne, who organized the fundraiser.

The Layton VFW said the bugle wouldn't be considered an addition, but a necessity.

"It's almost like a closure for families, a final farewell," said Veteran Patrice Israel.

Israel said you can't take such an important element of the ceremony for granted.

"Well having attended nine funerals in three days in 1996 when comrades were killed in the Khobar Towers bombing I know it is a sacred tradition among military members to have the bugle," Israel said.

Another issue is the lack of bugle players in the area, so the VFW is attempting to raise $526 dollars in order to buy a digital bugle. It only requires the push of a button.

"Bugle players, to play Taps is a dying art, there are so few and a digital bugle it looks good it sounds good," said Dufresne.

The Layton VFW did not reach their goal on Memorial Day but they plan to continue fundraising until they have their bugle. If you want to donate to the cause you can call the Lansing VFW directly at 801-546-0948.