‘Joe the Plumber’ to families of shooting victims: ‘your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights’

Posted at 5:30 PM, May 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-28 19:30:05-04

In the wake of a mass killing that left seven people, including the suspected assailant, dead and 13 injured, one of the victim’s fathers made comments regarding gun control, and those comments have sparked some commentary in response.

Christopher Martinez was among those killed, and police believe 22-year-old Elliot Rodger was the man behind the attack; Rodger left behind a disturbing video in which he appears to be detailing his motives for the attack.

Christopher’s father, Richard Martinez, spoke out about gun control and condemned politicians, the NRA and others for the tragedy, which prompted a response from “Joe the Plumber” that is getting a lot of attention. Some of the comments from Martinez are in the video below, which was shot at a memorial service, and others are available in this article.

In an open letter posted to, Joe Wurzelbacher said he wanted to speak to the families of the three victims who were shot to death:

“It’s a tragedy.

I am sorry you lost your child. I myself have a son and daughter and the one thing I never want to go through, is what you are going through now. But:

As harsh as this sounds – your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.”

Wurzelbacher goes on to say that he doesn’t have any critical words for Martinez, but he said he believes the man’s comments will be “exploited by gun-grab extremists as are all tragedies involving gun violence and the mentally ill by the anti-Second Amendment Left.”

He further stated:” “As a father, husband and a man, it is my responsibility to protect my family. I will stand up for that right vehemently. Please believe me, as a father I share your grief and I will pray for you and your family, as I do whenever I hear about senseless tragedies such as this.

We still have the Right to Bear Arms and I intend to continue to speak out for that right, and against those who would restrict it – even in the face of this horrible incident by this sad and insane individual."

Click here to read the letter in its entirety.

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