Over 800 volunteers clean, improve Jordan River

Posted at 1:41 PM, May 29, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-29 15:45:54-04

SALT LAKE CITY -- A major clean-up project in underway in the Salt Lake Valley.

Maintaining the Jordan River and Jordan River Parkway takes a lot of work and volunteers are helping clean up trash and weeds from the river.

On Thursday morning, more than 800 volunteers from nine different corporations participated in Conservation Day along the Jordan River.

"We've been doing this every spring, summer and fall for the last two years. Out of that came the idea to expand this and let more of our community get involved in what we are trying to do," said Denise Winslow, a volunteer from Wells Fargo Bank. "The Jordan River is just a precious gem and we need to get more people involved."

There were several staging areas along the over 50 mile stretch of river from Northern Utah County, through Salt Lake County and into Southern Davis County.

A group of volunteers from Wells Fargo Bank boarded canoes to clear out and clean up a stretch of the river along Redwood Road near 1700 North.

The volunteers cleaned up garbage, removed weeds and planted native trees and installed fencing to protect trees from deer and beavers.

The clean up effort is in preparation for the Festival Day, which will be held Saturday, May 31.

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